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3D Customers Business Service

We offer the solution to your problems from a single source.
We scan your product, create a 3D model – ideal for a fast product optimisation and realisation.
We are a flexible and efficient partner particularly for small-scale series. Here, we use model construction methods, such as 3D printing, stereolithography, laser sintering, metal laser sintering and CND milling as well as duplication methods such as vacuum casting. We offer our clients customised solutions for the development of prototypes and series-production tools. Our customers include manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in the sports article industry as well as manufacturers of domestic and consumer goods, banks and insurance companies.
In addition, 3D Culture advises customers in the areas of electrical engineering and electronics, mechanical engineering, consumer goods, architecture model construction.
Our 3D laser scanners by Artec enable us to capture digital 3D geometries in a contact-free, quick and precise manner. The O3D data can be stored digitally or outputted in analogue form
Due to its high level of accuracy and simple operation, the 3D scan data are ideal for digitalising, e.g. organic shapes.
3D Culture – mobile scan
With our mobile operation systems we achieve a high degree of flexibility and are therefore in a position to scan in any location in a very short space of time.3D Culture – Anything but ordinary.

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