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3D Modelling on the Basis of Photos.

3D Culture models realistic 3D models of heads and persons from photo templates. The 3D models can be presented digitally on the Internet and can also be made from materials such as plaster, marble or bronze.

3D models are made from several photos by hand by our 3D modellers. This innovation by 3D Culture also offers the opportunity to create 3D models of now deceased people, of whom only several photos exist, so that they can be represented spatially and realistically (with photo texture).
Our 3D artists model realistic and high-quality 3D models out of your ideas, sketches, photos and other templates. Thanks to our 3D artists’ years of experience, their artistic flair and high degree of competence in all conventional 3D programmes and special tools, your result will be a 3D model that cannot easily be distinguished from a 3D scan. Our 3D models are perfectly suitable to visualise your ideas in the conception phase, as a static 3D photo rendering for product presentation in print and/or web, and for animated 3D videos to demonstrate product advantages intuitively. The modelled 3D models can also be reproduced as physical objects, with 3D printers as well as with 3D milling machines. Work examples can be found in the 3D modelling gallery “People” or under 3D modelling technique.