GFK-Figuren, große lebensgroße riesige xxl skulpturen figuren, große Figuren skulpturen xxl 3d, Modellbau-Messebau XXL groß lebensgroß Prototypen dreidimensional,

Monument European Championship 2008

Using 3D scan and digital sculpture, we create a 100% accurate representation of a person or object.

With 3D scanning and the art of digital sculpture, to absolute perfection down to the smallest detail. With 3D laser scan, the surface of the body including clothing, skin and hair is digitalised into a 3D data model.
A laser beam measures the body in space while a high-quality photo chip records the image information.

In order to be able to mill a football boot, a hand or an arm in XXL or 1:1, the millions of data have to be reduced from 3D point clouds in perfect polygon models and NURBS surface models (surface reconstruction), to result in a small number of surfaces but without damaging the features of the object.
From the raw scan data, which are generated by a 3D recording technique, the “digital sculptor” creates the finished 3D computer model in a laborious process. At the end of this complex computer work, a digital 3D image of the body or object has been created. This digital 3D form provides the basis for the production of the actual, plastic sculpture.