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Sculptures and large-scale plastics

3D Culture creates individualised sculptures according to your ideas. The size of the object/plastic is unimportant. We leave it up to you to decide which materials should be used, but we provide in-depth advice. Be it bronze figures, metal figures, decorative figures, temporary advertising measures or Carrara marble sculptures, our sculptures, XXL objects are the ideal eye-catcher for big installation, marketing measures or trade fairs. As a trade fair event, as XXL sculpture in the form of one of your products or, or, or – you will cast a spell over your visitor.
Extraordinary ideas coupled with top-class materials make our concepts unique. Make your marketing activities a highlight as well, to thrill both your customers and business partners! We can promise you a completely professional implementation and will turn your activities into an eye-catcher, for the media too.

We develop and construct geometrically sophisticated forms of the highest quality. The composite materials developed by us, with their outstanding surface and material properties, offer constructive benefits and extend creative possibilities.
Our approach is customer-oriented and we use the latest methods, which results in admiration by customers and their clientele.

For us, the close, trusting cooperation with our customers is one of the most important conditions for a joint success. For this reason, we offer a preliminary consultation prior to a project and demonstrate the wide range of applications.

In close cooperation with you, we develop customised, individual solutions for your requirements and applications taking into account all creative and technical considerations.
The focus of our activities is the technically perfect, fast and cost-efficient implementation of ideas and designs of our customers and our customer-oriented commitment.

  • Finding ideas
  • Consultation – planning – design
  • Material selection and material optimisation
  • Model and form construction
  • Surface finishing
  • Pre-series – small-scale series – series production
  • Parts production through hand lamination
  • Form parts of any kind according to customer wishes – GRP, CRP and AFRP
  • Ideenfindung
  • Beratung – Planung –
  • Materialauswahl und
  • Modell- und Formenbau
  • Oberflächen-Veredelung
  • Vorserie – Kleinserie –
  • Teilefertigung durch
  • Formteile jeder Art im Kundenauftrag –
    GFK, CFK und AFK