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A shoulder bust of Daniel Aminati

The requirements of Galileo:

Creation of a shoulder bust of the TV presenter Daniel Aminati within 24 hours…

With our mobile 3D scanner system “Scanguruh”, we drove to Munich to the ProSiebenSat1 Media AG.

Following a short setup and equipment check, Managing Director Peter Brunsbach presented our innovation to the actor and singer Daniel Aminati, who acted as our model, as well as the responsible editor, production director and camera team: the New Form of Art – creating a 100% true replica of Daniel Aminati within 24 hours by means of 3D scanning and 3D printing.

After the preparation and several rehearsals and adjustments, the digital sculptor from 3D Culture scanned the head of Daniel Aminati, who was sitting on a chair, from all sides using the laser scanner. These data are required for the construction of the bust. After checking the individual scan, the first part of the production process was already done.

The 3D data processing of the captured scan data then followed. After that, the individual scan recordings were processed, merged, using a special software. The “digital sculptor” used tools similar to those of a traditional sculptor – just digital, as 3D software.

The production of the plaster shoulder bust:

Using 3D software, a digital 3D computer model of Daniel is created from the raw scan data, which now serves as a 3D data set for the production process, the Rapid Prototyping. The 3D printer then prints a cross-section, layer for layer, of the bust in, for example, plaster. For filming, this scene was re-enacted due to time constraints. Meanwhile, a second printer in another room was printing the “big printing brother” continuously for several hours on the original 1:1 bust. The printing is done, open the lid, and where is the bust? Disappeared? No, it is embedded in pure, white plaster powder with a completely smooth surface. The surplus, loose powder was now carefully vacuumed away using an industrial vacuum cleaner, and the figure appeared little-by-little, the three-dimensional plaster shoulder bust, hardened with plastic polymer. The sculpture is exactly as it should be, 100% true to the original and to scale. The artistic finishing of the 3D Culture sculpture is done by our sculptor. Fascinated by the similarity to the plaster moulding, he begins right away, because the bust mould is to be painted artistically according to the original photo template, the “final polish” and a unique character.

3D-Culture. Anything but ordinary.