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In order to carry out our customers’ orders optimally, 3D Culture used ZBrush. ZBrush is a graphics programme that works with a hybrid technology of 2D and 3D.
It can be used as a conventional drawing programme for 2D graphics as well as for 3D modelling and texturing. What makes ZBrush fundamentally different from other graphics programmes is that ZBrush does not just save RGB or alpha information in ever pixel, but also the depth information. Thus the name: the variable Z is usually used in spatial coordinates for the depth component. These special pixels are termed pixols by the company. In this way, we can not only draw flat colours onto the virtual canvas, but can also create reliefs on the surface. The process is similar to that of plastic modelling. Illumination and material simulation algorithms can now be applied to these 3D data as with polygon-based 3D models in conventional 3D programmes.
In addition, such polygon-based 3D models can also either be used as a brush to insert them into the relief structure, or the models themselves can be used as a canvas and a surface structure can be “painted” onto this using all kinds of tools (displacement painting, also known as sculpting). The software is primarily used for organic models.
ZBrush is also extremely suitable for modelling polygonal 3D objects. One can either import an existing model in OBJ format and then continue working in ZBrush, or create a new model directly in ZBrush. In order to do the latter, some basic objects, e.g. sphere, cube, cylinder …, are available, but one can also use ZSpheres, a modelling tool with which one can create a skeleton-like structure that is then transformed into a polygon object.
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