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Digital sculpture/machine production
Digital sculpture is a division of digital art. When 3D Culture has finished 3D scanning or 3D modelling, the individual scans or modelled objects are pieced together on the computer to form a finished 3D model. The thus created mesh file has the advantage that it can be virtually artistically modified with the appropriate 3D programmes. It is then possible, for example, when creating a sculpture, bust or head of a scanned person, to add or remove a hat, glasses or any other variation from the original.
This step in computer processing is often considered the “actual digital sculpture”.

In our “Event Unicorn”, a 3D model based on a 2D customer logo was created by means of 3D modelling.

The machine production at 3D Culture

When the virtual 3D model has been finalised, this is sent to a CAM/CAM programme. For the production of the real sculpture, we use, e.g. a CNC machine, which translates the CAD / CAM programme into a mesh file (cutting paths), which are followed precisely to specification by the CNC milling machine or CNC lathe. In this way, the finished 3D object is produced, path by path, or in the case of 3D printing, layer by layer.

3D printing (Rapid Prototyping method) has the advantage that internal structures can also be represented in the model, which cannot be reached by a milling machine. However, the choice of material is limited in 3D printing; therefore plastics or powdered materials, such as polymer plaster, are normally used. For CNC milling, the choice of material is almost unlimited, as virtually any material can be machined with a milling machine. The desired surface quality influenced the milling time significantly; the finer the surface, the longer the milling time. The finer the surface should be, the smaller the milling machine must be, and the more paths must be milled at smaller distances.

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