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3D-Culture Model construction

3D-Culture Model construction

Basic materials for production & design

The selection of components of a fibre composite, in other words the reinforced fibres and their embedding matrix, determine the properties of the composite in interaction with the processing method. In contrast to many other materials, which can be purchased pre-fabricated as a semi-finished product or according to the norm, the optimal characteristic values of a fibre composite can only be achieved as a result of the interaction between the correct technology and an expert workman in the production area.

We process a large number of fibre materials on the basis on glass, hydrogen and aramid (Kevlar®). Adjusted to the function, the technical environment and the intended use of the moulded part, these fibres are selected and processed with unsaturated polyester resins into a specifically lightweight and high-strength moulding.

In addition to the traditional properties of composites, such as specifically low weight with high strength, good corrosion resistance and excellent malleability, additional beneficial material properties can be generated.


For the construction of mouldings, we use different production methods. Our experienced and expert employees in the production area ensure a high and continuous standard of quality at all times, particularly in the expert execution and on-schedule completion.

Hand laminating
Hand laminating is the oldest, simplest and most widespread method.
This method is especially suitable for prototypes and small-scale series, but also for large-scale and geometric mouldings. After the application and hardening of covering layer, the fibres, in the form of mats or tissue, are placed into the open mould and soaked with resin for lamination. After every layer, the locked-in air is removed using a special tool. Then the next layer is added. After hardening at room temperature, the parts are removed from the moulds and finished. When using mould resins, an excellent finish quality can be achieved.

GRP special designs and dummy construction
If you need a partner for a dummy construction or a GRP special design for the production of a decoration, a trade fair object or if you need a company that is familiar with model construction, look no further! Talk to us at 3D Culture, we are happy to advise you!

Are you planning an event, art campaign, a temporary advertising measure all across Europe, e.g. with huge GRP sculptures? Then we are the right partners for you. In the 3D Culture network, you will find artists, graphic artists, 3D modellers, 3D scan technicians, sculptors, mould casters, prototype manufacturers and, and, and – everything from a single source. Place your trust in the market leader.

After any necessary modifications according to the prototype, the unique products are manufactured or cast in accordance with your specifications. Only then does the sculpture receive a coat of paint. Depending on your requirements, we decide whether the promotional object is hand painted or spray painted. The colours we use are always of the highest quality. The development of a prototype (depends on your requirements regarding the promotional figure) takes approx. two to three weeks. This work is costly and time-consuming in order to achieve a result that doesn’t just look good, but also fulfils your quality expectations. The work is exciting and a challenge at the same time for both business partners. Your idea couples with our ideas and experience in the area of our range of services – this can only mean success.

Surface finishing/coating

We are able to carry out coating and repair services in the form of adhesive bonding, over-laminating, lining, sealing and joining using our GRP materials and resins.
Convince yourself of our finishing methods that significantly increase the value and durability of your object (homepage


Surfaces made from glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) now demonstrate a very high level of corrosion resistance under conditions of outdoor exposure. As modern resin systems, the fibre reinforced structure resins as well as the non-reinforced fine layers (gel coats and top coats) offer a long-term protection against UV exposure, acid rain, osmosis and frost effects.

Due to the beneficial properties of GRP materials, these have also been used since the sixties and seventies in many areas of civil engineering, architecture and for sculptures and works of art in urban public areas. The artificial resins used back then did not have the optimal composition of the high-performance materials used today.

Whereas in the building industry, damaged façade elements and coverings are usually completely replaced, when it comes to sculptures or art objects or also historic monuments, the question arises as to how to adequately restore the GRP surface. We have demonstrated our knowhow in this area in the restoration of a range of objects and technical containers.

Mould and model construction B1 certified

We have an efficient mould and model construction at our disposal – in particular in the area of prototype construction. We develop models and moulds with a high degree of scale accuracy and form stability. In the vast majority of cases, we manufacture the moulds necessary for production here in our own company. In addition to traditional wood model construction, we also apply state-of-the-art methods. Important for use in interior spaces, e.g. at trade fairs, internal presentations, branch installations – here we employ “highly flame-retardant materials, tested according to DIN 4102: building material class B1”.
Our partners have the respective CAD-CAM programming systems available that enable the rational production of accurate models on 5-axle milling machines. The moulds for the production are manufactured on these.
Original model and mould construction in all model materials
Formatting, drilling, separating and final machining processing of fibre composites made of GRP, AFRP, and CRP.
We would also gladly offer our capacity in this subarea, for the expansion of your own production and component development.