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We bring your data into shape via Rapid Prototyping and devise first concept models for the inspection of the construction or functional models, according to requirements. In our Rapid Prototyping laboratories, we use the latest technology and implement all core technologies right here in our company. In accordance with the requirements of our customers, we can then apply the most suitable procedure:

3D printing (3DP): concept models also in colour mode stereolithography (SL): with the highest accuracy standards
Polyjet (PJ): for best surfaces, selective laser sintering (SLS): if mechanical features are required, chipping (HSC): conventional model construction.

In addition to the generative procedures in model construction, we also use a whole range of duplication procedures for the construction of small-scale series with special material properties:
Vacuum casting technology: production of PU castings in small numbers
Reaction injection moulding (RIM): production of PU castings in medium numbers

In model construction, we offer a special surface finishing and/or a complete processing, if desired,
e.g. varnishing or EMC coating of prototypes. In many cases, the combination of the different procedures and technologies represents the maximum benefit for our customers.
3D printing of ZCorporation is the procedure for a quick and efficient production of concept models for form-finding, option testing and communication of a design. The major advantages of 3D printing are the rapid production speed, cost-efficient models, and multi-colour models.

Due to the fast model construction and the low model costs, we enable our customers to accompany the entire development cycle with tangible models – so-called Zprints.