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The Adidas event – 11 of Europe’s most famous football players 20 metres tall

The media and spectators were captivated. While some still thought about two-dimensional posters, advertising towers and large video screens, the group of players here are three-dimensional and life-like – based on the expertise and technology of 3D Culture.
Adidas Huddle in Switzerland was the most photographed event during the European Championship.

3D Culture scanned 11 of Europe’s most famous football players and presented them in Zurich main station. The trend for large 3D figures is unbroken. In Zurich, a 3D installation was created that surpassed anything seen before: the European Championship stars – probably Europe’s best football players – were showcased almost 20 metres tall: Ballack, Lahm, Barnetta, Benzema, Charisteas, Chivu, Ivanschitz, Cech, van Persi, Vieira and Vila – in a photo-realistic XXL format.

NEW: Louis Vuitton London powered by 3D Culture

Discover the latest collections by Louis Vuitton. Immerse yourself in the world of Louis Vuitton and experience French savoir faire.

2D is history, the future is 3D

This marketing communication strategy is becoming ever more prominent with our event marketing campaigns, live communication and live event marketing – from sports and art events to cultural highlights. A 3D event, for instance, can be a huge demonstration of animated 3D objects, 3D figures in the form of light effects, musical event scenes and action that event visitors enjoy and remember for long afterwards.

Whatever can be seen at the event – the size and presentation of 3D objects, or the depiction of new products, functions or highlights – all this makes an event something extraordinary. A fantastic assignment from Adidas which 3D Culture realised with pleasure!

Events – when done well – make a lasting impression on potential customers and captivate spectators, not least due to the novel presentation with XXL event objects.

Larger presentations including of small products or objects create a “surprising experience” at the event location. Global companies like Adidas are increasingly appearing at “giant events”. With athletes presented in a life-like or XXL event format, fans love the huge 3D visualisation of their sporting champions or their achievements. Adidas was a trailblazer for 3D Culture.

That’s because with this event in Zurich main station, everything changed as 2D campaigns increasingly recede into the background. 3D events activate lots of emotion – a vital component of our human spirit. Without emotion, our lives would often be a lot less enjoyable. They dominate our everyday lives. After all, we unwittingly assess every situation with the help of our feelings. At the same time, they make it easier to communicate with other people. In particular, 3D visualisations – with photo-realistic depictions of people or objects – create a positive association with the object and represent an event eye-catcher. 3D Culture service: Life-size individuals oversize, advertising figures large life-size XXL giant individual, women life-size men life-size children young people figures individual, people life-size male female weather-proof, individual advertising figures exhibitions, event all sizes authentic individual image all materials, life-size figures, large figures, surfaces gold chrome bronze silver finishing individual large giant life-size XXL, giant figures, XXL figures, large sculptures, large objects, life-like figures sculptures, large-scale sculptures individual, event objects, exhibition objects, event objects, trade fair objects, 3D exhibition object. Blow-up advertising in 3D with Adidas and 3D Culture

3D Culture NEW: Giant art figure installed in Galerie Lafayette Paris for Louis Vuitton

EMO Exhibition Hannover 2017 – The eye-catcher for the US exhibition appearance of Kennametal: XXL drills over 5 metres in size – made by 3D Culture.

EMO Hannover attracts exhibitors from all around the world and all sectors of metal processing technology. Around 60 percent of its exhibitors come from abroad, making EMO Hannover the world’s most international fair for metal processing. On behalf of Hellmaier Messedesign, Sauerlach, 3D Culture produced a model of a KenTip drill for Kennametal – more than five metres tall. Six 3D-printed 40cm drills were also created as functional presentation models.

3D printing in XXL format – the core competency of 3D Culture. 3D printing is a hot topic. We produced the giant drill in B1 material using 5-axis milling and 3D-printed parts. We use glass fibre-reinforced plastic or epoxy resin mainly for surface coating. This material is ideal for safe handling indoors or outdoors, and transport damages can be avoided thanks to the pressure-resistant surface. 3D Culture always considers which production process makes the most sense for event or exhibition objects. In many cases, the use of conventional milling is more suitable for producing a large object. That’s because 3D printers currently take a very long time to print models. Together with the client, 3D Culture looks for the best solution for exhibition stands and events. You can count on us for creative exhibition stands that appeal to target groups. We always seek out successful solutions for marketing events, exhibition highlights, 3D promotional campaigns and more in collaboration with our clients. Everything, except the ordinary. That’s our promise and motto.

The world’s largest video games company presented at Berlin-Tegel Airport: Tencent Games made by 3D Culture 2019

OOH – Out of home 3D-Media to drive 3D Culture

Mobile Media – on tour with 3D Culture

Mobile 3D Advertising with Maximum Attention

A big advantage of mobile media is the ability to appeal directly to the target groups you need to reach your customers. Mobile media attracts a lot of attention and benefits particularly from the creative and display options available.

– Successful Advertising with XXL 3D Mobile Media

– We combine XXL product advertising with mobility for you

– XXL 3D mobile media from 3D Culture offers unmissable mobile eye-catchers on the most popular streets. Mobile media makes it     possible to appeal directly to the target groups you need to reach many customers. Attention is guaranteed – including in the press.

– XXL objects present emotions tailored to the target groups

– XXL objects are easy to transport by trailer and move by hand, making them perfect for repeat use. Thanks to the lightweight construction by 3D Culture, only a few manual steps are required for successful promotional events, wherever your target group is located.

Augmented reality is the future of mobile DOOH advertising

The goal: to make ambient media mobile and link it with 3D smartphones. Almost half of young and high-income consumers already have regular contact with digital out-of-home advertising every week.

3D mobile media with promotions on popular squares and streets

3D mobile media boosts the popularity of a brand in the direct living environment of end consumers. Absolute freedom of choice for locations and times.

From solo promoters to large promotion groups.


Combinations of 2D and 3D XXL advertising can also reach a height of up to four metres. This form of mobile advertising media offers many surprising as well as emotional moments.

A big advantage of mobile media is the ability to appeal directly to the target groups you need to reach your customers. Mobile media attracts lots of attention and benefits particularly from the creative and display options available.

Mobile 3D advertising with maximum attention

Multiple use: our XXL objects for mobile and

stationary advertising

Our mobile media advertising objects provide effective product presentations as well as surprising and extraordinary moments in everyday life.

Whether on streets or squares, at events or fairs, outside shopping centres or at the point of sale.

Individual local contacts with an emotional XXL appeal

Our oversize mobile media objects are a flexible way to convey your advertising message directly to mobile target groups with the highest attention rates.

Up to 4 metres high and 12 metres long.

Showcasing your advertising message by day and night

Effective marketing is vital for a successful film launch in cinemas, for example. In combination with XXL 3D mobile media, you not only advertise with conventional posters but also uniquely “on the road”.

From production to the perfect logistics – all from a single source.

We offer a highly prominent medium that can be integrated into any campaign with its extraordinary flexibility.

Advertise on all streets and squares at every time of day and night.

Set an ecological example with electric or hybrid vehicles.

On Tour with 3D Culture

3D Mobile Media

Successful advertising with XXL 3D media.
You decide in which cities, on which streets
and squares you wish to present your advertising 24/7

Mobile advertising – independent from static advertising spaces

3D Culture produces life-like advertising figures for Netflix in

Berlin, London, Warsaw.

Netflix has long established its name in the world of series, blockbusters, documentaries and streaming enjoyment. To kick off the supporting programme of Fashion Week 2018 in Berlin, the branding agency “JXZ” came up with an extraordinary installation. To promote the start of the sci-fi Netflix series “Altered Carbon”, launched on 2 February 2018, life-life figures were presented in a glass advertising pillar filled with water during the opening party of the men’s fashion blog “Dandys Diary” for Fashion Week.

3D Culture – The (R)Evolution in Art since 2006

3D Culture – the novel approach to art. A combination of tradition and innovation, culture and high-tech. 3D Culture brings together the centuries-old tradition of fine art with the innovative possibilities of the modern digital age. Giant figures, innovative exhibition appearances, event structures, life-size and XXL 3D models – three-dimensional special effects on film, 3D parallel worlds in online globes like Google Earth or much more… 3D is everywhere, from your satellite navigation device to the hologram security strips on your banknotes. We have specialised in 3D services for creating exhibition and event presentations.

Whether you need a perfect trade fair stand, 3D special effects on an XXL object, advertising figures that “jump out of the frame” and provide ideal selfie opportunities, or exhibition design in 3D for emotional advertising objects that surprise and inspire.

Taking a completely new approach, 3D Culture creates fascinating exhibition experiences by realising objects in three dimensions. From life-size advertising figures to XXL 3D objects, when it comes to the countless possibilities in trade fairs, events, advertising, promotions, private parties, professional functions and recreational contexts, 3D Culture is in!

3D Culture designed and produced photo-realistic representations of three protagonists. These 3D figures designed in embryonic form were placed in three 2.5-metre high acrylic glass pillars in Berlin, each filled with around 600 litres of water. Bubbles rose from the 3D-printed face masks, further intensifying the realistic impression. This installation was then displayed in London and Prague.

For no matter what 3D object, the approach is always the same: 3D Culture scans an object or creates a 3D file via “digital sculpting”. This 3D modelling process is mainly based on photos or layouts. It’s artistic work and requires much more than “the touch of a button”.

Using the 3D data, an advertising figure or object is milled, cast in metal or 3D-printed according to the order. The production method is determined by the subsequent presentation at an event, exhibition or trade fair. 3D Culture uses state-of-the-art machines and innovative 3D solutions – breaking ground in giant outdoor and indoor displays. We pay attention to the authentic appearance of our advertising figures and sculptures; only then can we create a positive association with our client’s advertising message.

Stuttgart exhibition: HANDS UP 2020 – installation by 3D Culture

The HANDS UP exhibition in Stuttgart is the largest training fair for Stuttgart trades. Around 40 exhibitors from a wide range of trades present themselves at the HANDS UP exhibition in Stuttgart, informing school pupils and their parents about more than 130 different vocations in the trades, training places and career opportunities. An extensive supporting programme with information about training and applications rounds off the educational programme of HANDS UP in Stuttgart.

Client: Stuttgart Region Chamber of Trade

3D printing with the new XXL printer for Bayern Munich’s basketball star Draymond Green

To visually support FC Bayern Munich’s plans to ascend, 3D Culture produced an oversized figure of basketball star Draymond Green in combination with 3D printing. The 3D printing of XXL objects is set to play a much greater role in the future. Currently, 3D printing can be used to create models using a wide range of materials such as plastics, metals or polymer plaster.

3D Culture France for Notre Dame Paris

3D Culture France was invited by Hotel de Ville Paris (Paris City Hall) to take part in restoring damaged sculptures from the Notre Dame. This primarily concerns 3D modelling based on photos to recreate sculptures and figures on the computer, as well as scan objects in 3D to safeguard the artwork. This was an honour for 3D Culture.

Notre Dame Paris: 3D modelling based on photos – using photo materials (2D), 3D Culture creates realistic 3D models of artwork.

3D digitalisation of art and cultural heritage.

3D Culture is specialised in modelling figures and sculptures authentically in 3D, as well as in repairing and producing beautiful individual models in appreciation of art.

Our 3D artists transform their ideas, sketches, photos and other starting materials into realistic, high-quality models. Thanks to our 3D artists’ many years of experience, their creative flair and excellent competence in all standard 3D programs and specialist tools, you receive a 3D model that is very difficult to distinguish from a 3D scan. Our 3D models are perfectly suited for realising and visualising your ideas in the concept phase, as static 3D photo rendering for product presentations in print and online, as well as for animated 3D videos for intuitively showcasing product advantages. The 3D models can also be reproduced as physical objects, both using 3D printers as well as 3D milling. You can find examples of our work in the 3D modelling gallery, under “People” or 3D modelling technology.

Our 3D modellers produce 3D models intensively by hand using our own photos. 3D Culture also offers the option to capture the likeness of deceased individuals, of whom only a few photos exist, in 3D models – allowing them to be depicted spatially and realistically with photo texture.

Hornbach Spring Campaign 2019 with 3D Culture: Nationwide guerrilla marketing in Germany!

 Client: Mediaplus Media 2 München. 

Netflix – Out-of-home road tour by 3D Culture

New series “Disenchantment”

Netflix runs fantasy parody from the maker of “The Simpsons”

Following “The Simpsons” and “Futurama”, producer Matt Groening tries his hand at a fantasy parody. The series is based on a well-known recipe – on Netflix.

“Disenchantment” is a parody on the fantasy genre and takes place in a medieval-inspired kingdom. The first seven episodes were released on Netflix this Friday. The heroine is called Princess Bean and she by no means wants to be as good as her father would like. Instead of accepting an arranged marriage with a smug prince, she prefers to get drunk with her friends or seduce men. But that’s not so easy when daddy is king. Bean has big round eyes and prominent front teeth like characters from “The Simpsons”, as well as long white hair like Khaleesi from the medieval saga “Game of Thrones”.

Equipped with her sword and fiery determination, she fights for her rights. The first groom impales himself on a throne of swords – in the style of “Game of Thrones” – after the princess slaps the ring out of his hand at the altar. Exhibition figures, game figures, XXL objects, life-size eye-catchers made by 3D Culture for

JXZ – agency for branding in Frankfurt.

3D XXL mechanical heart by FORCAM at Hannover Fair, 3D printed in XXL format by 3D Culture

Client: xspace GmbH • Kreativagentur für Branding, digitale Medien, Film und 3D

20 x Superstar David Alaba – the highlight event.

3D Culture builds giant figure for world’s largest exhibition event of its kind for BOSCH / Junkers

For the exhibition stand of BOSCH / Junkers, 3D Culture was specially commissioned by the agency Schaller & Partner, Mannheim, to produce an XXL figure. Besides the impressive height (more than six metres including the pedestal), the figure was perfectly integrated into the overall appearance of the exhibition stand thanks to state-of-the-art LED technology. A completely translucent, 3D-printed arm contained hundreds of LED lights dynamically operated by controller. During this exhibition in Frankfurt, we were able to demonstrate how attractive this kind of XXL exhibition product can be. Exhibition construction company BluePool installed captivating animations, creating a futuristic effect. This exhibition event drew in lots of visitors who wanted to know how this exhibition figure was produced. Here, it is important that 3D Culture creates such eye-catchers using a material that is B1-certified – highly flame-resistant in case of emergency.

With our oversized exhibition figures, 3D Culture has become a market leader in just 12 years for producing large XXL exhibition and event objects.

On 14 March 2017, the ISH started – the global exhibition for bathroom, building, energy, climate and renewable energy technology in Frankfurt. All market leaders from Germany and abroad showcased their practical innovations and solutions to international specialist visitors at the ISH. Trades, commerce, engineering and architectural offices, housing constructors and property developers, as well as service providers, authorities and universities came together over five days at the fully booked exhibition venue (spanning 260,000 square metres). Our service offers a complete “worry-free” package for event and exhibition highlights and 3D advertising – in life-size or much larger formats. Whether you wish to present innovative new products, special exhibition advertising or giant objects, we have 3D ideas for all types of display. From exhibitions and stage displays to film figures and 3D advertising figures, we love collaborating and designing with clients, creative ad agencies and initiators to achieve success as a team. Almost any material in virtually any size can be produced – starting from 3D scans or 3D modelling as the basis for creating any exhibition or event object, through to surface finishing with metal or photo-realistic appearances using 3D Culture’s airbrush technology.

Award description: The BOSCH / Junkers exhibition appearance was used as an opportunity to inspire customers of the benefits of digitalisation, following the motto: “Simple. Revolutionary. Networked.”

Category: Excellence in Branding, Strategy & Brand Creation – Fairs, Exhibitions & Events

Karl Freiherr von Drais invented the “Draisine” handcar: 200 years of bicycles

Weighing 22 kilograms and without any pedals – it doesn’t exactly sound like a bicycle, right? But that’s how it all started around 200 years ago…

The first time someone rode a bicycle was in June 1817. That’s when Karl Freiherr von Drais tried out his new invention and rode 14 kilometres through Mannheim. However, his “handcar” looked rather different to the bikes we use today: it didn’t even have pedals.
Karl Freiherr von Drais had to keep using his feet to push himself and reach his destination. Much like push bikes for toddlers today.

How did he get this idea?

Karl Freiherr von Drais came up with the idea at a time when there was famine. Lots of horses had died and it was difficult for people to get around or transport things. The bicycle was intended as a replacement for horses. Nonetheless, it still took a long while before the bicycle established itself as a popular mode of transport.

In 1867, two French coach builders, Pierre Michaux and his son Ernest, further developed the handcar. Their bicycle even had pedals – but only on the front wheel. Both are also considered inventors of bicycles with auxiliary motors, practically the predecessor to modern e-bikes. Unlike today, however, the idea didn’t catch on back then. That’s because the rider’s bottom would get quite hot!

Big-size advertising! 3D Culture – The Milestone Company.

We love games – Play figures made by 3D Culture Gamescom Cologne

Torchlight Frontiers: See the first gameplay of Gamescom 2018 here

Perfect World recently announced a sequel to Torchlight. The series originates from Max Schaefer, the co-founder of Blizzard North and Runic Games. With his new studio Echtra Games, Schaefer is once again responsible for the ARPG. This time, it’s to become an MMO and be released for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

3D Culture produced the current exhibition game figures “Reaper & Roboter” for Perfect World B.V. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

3D mobile media for exhibitions, events or OOH campaigns.

A truly cultural event: 3D printing of eight historical Cologne City Hall prophets from 1410

Client: Julius Fröbus GmbH

Medienunternehmen in Köln

IAA Frankfurt – TESLA exhibition object – 21st-century electric technology presented by 3D Culture

Röchling Automotive: Innovative air flap systems reduce consumption and CO2 emissions

The air flap system “Active Grille Shutter Evolution II – Style” is controlled by specially developed actuators as needed, thereby reducing exhaust emissions and fuel consumption. Electric vehicles like the Tesla S are also to benefit from the “Active Grille Shutter BEVolution” systems. They extend the range by improving the aerodynamics and result in optimised battery cooling and temperature regulation.


Tesla’s advanced electric drive offers top-class performance. In contrast to combustion engines that comprise hundreds of individual parts which ignite, pump, splutter and groan, Tesla’s motor only consists of a single moving part: the rotor. As a result, the model S accelerates in a matter of seconds. Step on the accelerator and the model S will easily reach 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds – without a single drop of petrol.

Nike football stars in life-size 3D prints produced for the World Cup.

Ronaldo, Ribéry, Rooney …

Five XXL kettlebells were created to stoke hype with a 3D event and promotional campaigns for the Migros Group, Switzerland.

The Fribourg ad agency srp.werbeagentur launched a complete communications concept for a fitness chain belonging to the Swiss Migros Group. 3D Culture stepped in with giant kettlebells. In autumn 2017, four Migros cooperatives entered the discount fitness segment under the name onlyfitness. For the launch, 3D Culture created five XXL kettlebells used to promote the event as part of an outdoor campaign in various Swiss cities. The fitness specialists in three dimensions.

Sensational, extraordinary and surprising event locations – this is how the visitors of these events and promotional activities perceived the campaign. Representing ideal opportunities to optimise the company image, popular promoters spread information about the company’s offers and hand out giveaways as well as materials emphasising the benefits of the offering – based on the eye-catchers displayed during the 3D event and promotional tour. Large 3D objects are often the highlights at events, exhibitions and fairs – made by 3D Culture.

The Beatles – authentic life-size sculptures in fibreglass-reinforced plastic

For the first time, the 3D digital sculptors at 3D Culture created “THE BEATLES” in three dimensions using only photos. The life-size 3D figures were covered in a metal surface coating (bronze) and have been standing outdoors for years. The occasion was the 50th anniversary of the Beatles movie “Help”, which was filmed in Obertauern, Austria. Client: Lürzer Group Austria.

LAOCOÖN – Art and culture: museum sculpture made from fibreglass-reinforced plastic secured.

The Laocoön Group is the most important depiction of the death throes of Laocoön and his sons in fine art. The artwork by sculptors Hagesandros, Polydoros and Athanadoros from Rhodes was reconstructed true-to-life by 3D Culture
The mythological sculpture shows the priest Laocoön from Troy with his two sons in a mortal struggle against two snakes. According to the account of the Roman poet Vergil in Aeneis, Laocoön warned his compatriots from allowing the wooden horse, which concealed the Greeks, to enter their city.

French Art de Vivre at KaDeWe Berlin in 2020 by 3D Culture

Louis Vuitton is celebrating the savoir faire of the brand and its continued innovative spirit. From the impressive collection of iconic hard-sided pieces through to the exclusive selection of Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades – the French Art de Vivre event honours the extraordinary craftmanship and unique quality of the company’s creations.

Cup final match in Berlin – event figures: VFL Wolfsburg placed hundreds of wolves in the centre of Berlin to impress opponents

Cup final match 2015 in Berlin: A pack of promotional wolf figures everywhere in Berlin – ready to be let loose!
Made by 3D Culture

Transforming a photo into a three-dimensional digital creation – 3D modelling by 3D Culture

3D modelling refers to the production of 3D data based on photos, without the use of 3D scans.
Using just 2–3 photos, our 3D artists create realistic 3D models that can scarcely be distinguished from scans. A completely new service from 3D Culture.

Museum exhibits with 3D Culture: Ice Age Safari – A Journey across Europe

An exhibition at the Reiss Engelhorn Museum in Mannheim brings cultural history to life!

In cooperation with the Reiss Engelhorn Museum in Mannheim, the General Directorate for Cultural Heritage of Rhineland-Palatinate invites visitors to go on a journey back in time to life during the last ice age – 30,000 years ago – with an exhibit by 3D Culture.

“Ice Age Safari” is the first presentation of an experience-based exhibition – backed by research – that is aimed at all generations and particularly families.

Exhibition highlights are provided by extinct animal species in the form of incredibly life-like reconstructions, produced according to the latest scientific findings exclusively for this exhibition. Around 40 of these models and dermoplastics can be discovered at the Museum of Koblenz, including a mammoth family, a woolly rhino and its young, cave bears, steppe bison and giant deer. In addition to the animal kingdom, the exhibition also explores typical travel questions. Where can I sleep tonight? Do I have to go hungry as a vegetarian? Where can I go out? Where can my children get ice cream? These questions and more are answered.

Fascinating history is brought to life with extensive scenes and installations. The exhibition is complemented by a specially developed app that provides visitors with further information.

Both children and adults will find suitable publications or “travel guides” about the exhibition. Plus, photographs are expressly allowed.

The new out-of-home trend: 2D/3D poster installations are replacing basic billboards

Advertising is particularly successful when it makes an impression on viewers and becomes “unforgettable”.
3D Culture has created a name for itself in this area – creating XXL advertising and giant displays that leave a powerful, surprising and emotional impression.
Outdoor advertising quickly has an effect and sticks.
Using out-of-home advertising, you can reach an ever-increasing number of mobile people. Look at the examples from the USA here – a “simple poster” is transformed into a living installation that surprises and inspires.

2D is out – but in when combined with 3D!

Lukas Podolski statue in Cologne’s Old Market

3D Culture produced an authentic, life-like statue for the Lukas Podolski street football store.

Successful advertising with 3D mobile media and beacons

The future: mobile media in combination with beacons.

Beacons are ideal for mobile media – not just at the point of sale. These small transmitters use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals to provide information to mobile devices within a range of up to 300 metres.

3D digitalisation and 3D production for art and culture – a competent service for museums by 3D Culture

Reiss Engelhorn Museum
Mannheim Baroque Palace

Louis I was founder of Kloster Seligenthal near Landshut and Louis II, from the House of Wittelbach, was Duke of Bavaria and Count Palatine by Rhine from 1253 to 1294. After the partition of territory in 1255, he ruled the Duchy of Upper Bavaria. “Nuppenbecher” is the name given to a common drinking glass from the High and Late Medieval period. The most well-known specimens date back to the 13th and 14th century.

3D scanning – touchless scanning technology

We scan the original object – such as your product – using a 3D scanner. We are happy to come to you for this purpose, as our 3D scanning system is mobile. The raw scanning data is then automatically pieced together using special software. Our digital sculptors process these raw scans with their trained eyes and years of experience, to create a detailed and reproducible 3D model.

Life-size figures for the ABBVIE COMMERCIAL Humira Dermatology AEDV Fair in Geneva

Using video footage, 3D Culture created six life-size figures for the AEDV congress in Geneva. Our task was to produce realistic depictions from multiple videos with patients of the American medical company Abbvie. These six figures had to look “life-like” and be shown in everyday situations. The figures were finished completely in white, perfectly setting the scene for the exhibition stand. Our client in Germany was the event management company Czarnowski in Cologne.

3D Culture already utilises oversize 3D printers for figures and objects

3D printing is a cutting-edge technology.
The consumer market for small-format 3D printers is rapidly expanding. 3D Culture already uses the most innovative XXL printers available on the market. This is enabled thanks to a large network of specialist cooperation partners. As 3D Culture has demonstrated repeatedly over recent years, 3D Culture keeps thinking a step ahead and is on the cusp of deploying robotic technology for 3D printing.

Giant advertising figure of Franck Ribéry in front of the old City Hall in Munich

As a sign of gratitude for extending the contract of football star Franck Ribéry at FC Bayern Munich, the client Nike placed the 4-metre statue of Ribéry directly in front of Munich’s old City Hall, where he announced his contract extension.

The clients were Nike Germany and the communications agency Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg.

Jochen Rindt, the first F1 popstar – 3D Culture modelled the racing driver for 3D using only photos

JOCHEN RINDT: He was the first popstar of Formula 1 and is today the only world champion to be honoured posthumously.
3D Culture Austria reproduced the Jochen Rindt sculpture in 3D based on photos. “He drove like a god and loved the risk involved – indeed, too much in the end: On 5 September 1970, the life and meteoric career of Jochen Rindt ended in the crash barriers of the Monza circuit. An exceptional driver from a time when Formula 1 was still an adventure…”

3D Culture does volleyball – world champions and Olympic winners in 4-metre size for global events

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen – realistic bronze bust reproduced by 3D Culture

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen was born in the traditional textile manufacturing town of Lennep in 1845. The child of a textile-making family spent the first years of his life here. At the University of Würzberg in 1895, he discovered the X-rays that are now named after him in German (Röntgenstrahlen).
Röntgen’s work not only revolutionised the entire field of medical diagnosis, but also paved the way for many high-tech applications.
The ingenious physicist, discoverer, researcher and sponsor of the first Nobel Prize for Physics is a figurehead of interdisciplinary and creative thinking.

3D Culture meticulously scanned the bronze bust of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen and produced it in 3D for a German company.


Tilman Riemenschneider: Virgin Mary from Tauberbischofsheim XXL 3D printing

Oversized XXL perfume as a promotional highlight for Coty Mainz in 3D-printed

Coty Prestige – one of the largest providers of perfume and cosmetics in Germany.
Client: Coty Mainz/SUPWAY-Support

SportScheck brand campaign with life-size figure by 3D Culture

Win your own statue – SportScheck brand campaign – “Your Goal”
2014 Munich, statue sandstone look by 3D Culture

3D artworks in marble, produced in Carrara, Italy.

Your individual artwork as a bust or sculpture

Fascinating – experiencing people as a bust or sculpture in three dimensions, with countless possibilities relating to private or professional life or hobby situations

VFL Wolfsburg become German champions – 3D Culture produces a life-size sculpture of the exceptional Brazilian player Josué for the football museum in Wolfsburg.

VFL Football Museum – the interactive club museum of VFL Wolfsburg.
VFL Wolfsburg set the benchmark in terms of interactivity with its new club museum, opened in spring 2015. Thanks to modern technology, fans can go through various stations from the perspective of a player. The museum therefore offers fans an authentic experience.
The Lower Saxony club played an excellent second half of the season and won the German championship for the first time.
VFL Wolfsburg achieved its dreams in 2009. The outstanding Brazilian player had a critical role in the success of VFL.
3D Culture produced the Josué sculpture with a photo-realistic 3D look. Powered by www.vfl-wolfsburg.de/fussballwelt

Mirror-polished stainless-steel sculpture for Dubai, produced with high technology and top-class craftmanship – typical for 3D Culture.

Mirror-polished stainless-steel sculpture – produced with advanced 3D technology and top-class craftmanship –
presenting perfection according to the individual wishes of the client.
Equus – Viva – Elegance: EQVIVANCE

Stage Entertainment presents Buddy Holly as a 7-metre promotional figure in front of the Colosseum Theater in Essen.

Stage Entertainment, Hamburg

His most well-known songs include:
That’ll Be The Day,
Peggy Sue, Oh Boy!
and It Doesn’t
Matter Anymore

Buddy Holly
* 7 September 1936 in
Lubbock, Texas, USA;
† 3. February 1959 near
Mason City, Iowa was
a US American
rock-n-roll musician
and composer.

Event-object in 3D-XXL

Paris, Sacré Coeur 3D-Scanning / Production of an equestrian statue

Miniatures for the SWISSCOM FESTIVAL LOCARNO Switzerland, presents from 3D CULTURE.

Bob Geldof is presented the Cinema for Peace Award in Berlin BMW Clean energy – made by 3D Culture

Bob Geldof

Client BMW CleanEnergy honoured Bob Geldof with the “Cinema for Peace Award” at the Berlinale for his commitment against global grievances.

3D Culture designed and produced the award for the Berlin film festival. The award resembles a chunk of ice and is carved from real calcite.