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XXL 3D – Large-scale Figures and Huge Objects

Whether it was this year’s Olympic Games, World Championships in Japan, Canada, Berlin or Rome – the international volleyball association FIVB was extraordinarily successful with its “Heroes”. 5 m statues in a photo-realistic appearance depicting the players’ looks. 3D Culture organised the international transports by plane, ship and lorry, dealt with customs formalities and also made sure that the heroes looked good during the players’ international appearances.
3D Culture scans or models your desired object in 3D, transforms it into a 3D model and then turns it into, for example, a large-scale figure in lightweight construction (polystyrene, styrodur, PU foam, glass fibre plastic etc.) or in solid construction (e.g. Carrara marble and many other high-quality materials). We produce eye-catchers in all sizes and formats for trade fairs, events, temporary promotions and decorations, as a construction kit for mobile activities, as single figures or groups of figures for stationary activities or as valuable representational objects e.g. in solid Carrara marble.